Flying Gems

This section is devoted to those beautiful creatures in flight whom we normally miss

Green Marsh Hawk

Green Damselfly

Chocolate Pansy

Congregation of Red Pierrot

Mating of Red Pierrot (Red Border is male, yellow border is female)


Again a Cruiser - common butterfly in the Western Ghats

Above & Below - Yellow Orange Tip

My prizaed catch - Tamil Lacewing (endemic to the Western Ghats

Experts Pls ID

Another endemic - Common Wanderer

Yellow Orange Tip

Is this the Evening brown?

Red Pierrot making a meal of an unfortunate grasshopper

Again a Chocolate Pansy

Experts Pls ID

Tamil dartlet finds our woollies interesting

Again a Crusier

This friendly Red Pierrot just loved Shreerang's watch but did not mind posing with all of us!

Atlas Moth - The world's largest moth

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