Birds - Mammals

Most of us are hard core birdwatchers so cannot resist looking for them any & everywhere, here's a selection of them along with a few mammals thrown in

Malabar Trogon - female

Malabar Flowerpecker

Loten's Sunbird

Median Egret

Orange Minivet

Orange Minivet - Male above & female below

Small Sunbird

Kestrel taken at quite some distance

Malabar Giant Squirrel

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

White-cheeked Bulbul

Verditer Flycatcher

golden Oriole

Vernal Hanging Parrot

Domesticated Pigs

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  1. wonderful pictures! Thanks for updating me on origin of Agumbe!

  2. Excellent photography. I like the way various aspscts of fauna is captured. By the way is the red chested bird a scarlet minivet?

    HN Shankar

  3. thank you Kalpana & shankar. the red chested bird is the Orange Minivet